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We are the Flagship Management Festival of XLRI

About Ensemble

Ensemble as a fest has fashioned its image as a leading B-school fest in India. Its consistent success can be attributed to the unique and evolutionary nature of the fest. Each year, the fest is modelled around a theme which resounds the emotion of the business environment in-play. The fest tries to trigger radical thinking and invigorate the budding managers to break traditions and carve out a path of their own.

XLRI's Legacy

XLRI’s flagship management festival, Ensemble goes beyond what a traditional B school management festival is to being the celebration of spirit and character of what makes XLRI's absolutely excellent. Ensemble represents the pinnacle of the values espoused by XLRI, the people which make this festival have ushered in a new era of management around the world.

Stellar Events

The dedication towards creating quality events that complement the traditional learning provided by B-schools has stood Ensemble among the top three most eagerly awaited management fests in the country. Ensemble celebrates not only business sense and logic but also creativity, zeal and passion that transcend a great leader to being an absolutely phenomenal one.

Catalytic Environment

Our top honour is in creating a catalytic environment for emerging leaders by bringing together some of the best minds of the country in the form of students, professors and external thought leaders, giving a stimulating and challenging platform for fruitful engagement. Drawing participation from the top B schools and the top engineering colleges of the country alike.

The Belief

The leitmotif at the forefront of the fest is to be future-fit. It believes that businesses are in a unique position to drive change. Those companies that strategize ahead of the curve are most likely to come out as industry leaders. Those who take advantage of the strategic opportunity to redefine value can enter new markets, draw new talent and find innovative ways of operating.

What we do

There are many facets to Ensemble


The snazziest lineup of business and icebreaker events. We leave no stoned unturned to create the most diverse, innovative and cross domain events which test the mettle of the participants in every field of management


Thinkers. Idea-generators. Inspirers. The people who bring it all to life. We create a platform which churns out fresh new solutions to complex problems which have a real world impact on how companies do business.


Bridging the distances between industry stalwarts, academia and student communities. We connect the best of the three worlds, put them together and let the magic happen.


A celebration of the country’s finest professional artists and their work. The other facet of Ensemble, we are not all work and no play.


Shaping leaders with a socially sensitive, ethical and sustainability driven conscience. Driven by the legacy of XLRI, we believe in cultivating these values in the future leaders

Theme for Ensemble’15

Progressive India: Winds of Change

As India stands on the cusp of massive transformation, we can see, all around us, the changing ways of doing business. We talk about brand India finding international favorability, with PM Modi not sparing any effort, the growing entrepreneurial spirit of the country, the visible churn in the political and social environment and so on. Change, they say, is inevitable while progress is optional.

The uncertainty of tomorrow, the fleeting present is what keeps people motivated and gives them a reason to get back in the game renewed, each and every time. Countries too constantly face varying tides, subtle refinement or pronounced metamorphosis, and these are drivers of growth. At the helm of this new era, India is poised with the sails aligned to this wind direction. Our history has been dotted with events that have shaped its people and culture. These struggles are what have shaped our progress till now, and this change is the result of true learning.

Today, it is not only the global conditions which give India this edge and historic opportunity. It is also the people at the helm, which can launch the Indian growth story multi-fold. Ensemble endeavours to identify these young leaders, the crème de la crème of the Indian business schools, and give them a platform to showcase their talents with a chance to lead the charge for India.  The stakes are high but the players are smarter and stronger than ever before. With challenges of scales unseen, it will take a combined effort from India Inc to take the country to pinnacles of success. We, as a country, are set to embrace the magic of the moment – it’s time for us to ride the big waves and emerge successful.

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The Flagship Events

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The Core Team

If the scale and quality of Ensemble are to act as proxies for the members of the team behind it, you will agree that for this group of exceptional people, quality is the best business plan. These people are not only the pundits in their respective domains, but are also extremely agile, reliable & creative individuals. They are committed to winning, in seeing the team succeed and knowing they have contributed to this success. You wouldn’t want to miss the fact that these folks also have quite a sense of humor and know how to have a blast.

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